Protégé Requirements

The objective of a Protégé firm is to perform profitable work while being advised, observed, and assisted within the guidelines of the program. If selected, protégés are required to attend all regularly scheduled meetings. Between such meetings, protégés are required to make every reasonable effort to implement the business decisions that the meetings produce. Protégés are required to work with the mentors and if applicable, available resource partners. The protégé must complete up-to-date information on their businesses, including their business and action plans, cash flow, and work in progress.

To be eligible for selection as a Protégé, a firm must be:

  • Baltimore City Certified M/WBE
  • In business for three years, or possess equivalent demonstrated experience
  • Perform a task regularly needed by the industry they serve
  • Able to make a two-year commitment to the program. 

Protégé Application Checklist: